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Search Engine Optimisation

Having a website is a necessity in today's business.

However even the best website is useless if it gets lost in the sea of information.

High organic search engine ranking is the best way to establish internet presence and attract visitors.

In practise top 10 results are the only ones that count. With the top 5 getting the most attention.

Sgiti offers professional and affordable search engine optimisation services for developed sites.

Optimisation process:

  1. Keyword research.
  2. On site optimisation.
  3. Link building.

1. Keyword Research

First stage of SEO is finding out how internet users search for information related to your website.

Not always the most generic terms are the best. Also not always users search for information in an obvious way.

At this point a thorough research of related search terms along with the frequency of searches and competition if performed.
Quite often optimising for less frequent, more specific long tail keywords brings better results then trying to archive top rankings on most frequent search terms.

2. On Site Optimisation

When keyword research is complete time comes for optimising the site itself.

It is important to use only methods allowed by search engines (ethical SEO, called white hat SEO).

Main parts of on site optimisation are:

  1. Optimising text contents (SEO copywritting).
  2. Writing meaningful page titles and descriptions.
  3. Creating search friendly URLs.
  4. Correct structuring of inside links.
  5. Utilitising descriptive alternate texts for images.
  6. Making sure that all pages are accessible by search engines.

3. Link building

Next step is building actual presence on the internet.

This is quite often the most time consuming and ongoing process referred to as link building.

As part of link building a periodical report is provided.